Grace & Faith

January 29, 2011 by alan

My beautiful little girls!  Grace was into it at first and she wanted to have her picture taken, but once the tutu came out she was done!  It looks like Faith will be the ballerina in the house.  Whatever they decide to do is fine but for now it’s sure fun to dress them up cute, splash a little light on them, and take their picture!  I just wonder if Shayla and the RBE girls have a place for them in their next show?!?!  Enjoy!

Cursti & Tyler

January 21, 2011 by alan

This is one of those weddings that the people make the whole day because of their gracious and positive personalities.  Working with the bride and her mother, who by the way took care of all the linens (Utah Linens) for the tables and chairs, was a privilege.  Catering was taken care of by Utah Celebrations Catering who always puts out some of the best food and professional service that Utah has to offer.  They also chose a beautiful venue at the Le Chateau’s beautiful ballroom and reception hall.  Enjoy!

Jason, Jen, and a baby!

January 16, 2011 by alan

I can remember when these two met in Ephraim five or six years ago.  Jen came into town with a group from Biola University from California while Jason was attending Snow College on a mission trip.  When they saw each other it was like all the stars and moons aligned and the next thing you know Jen is moving to Utah from California.  She says it wasn’t because of Jason but I don’t think he was a deterrent by any means!  They played it cool for a couple of years, but love knows no bounds, and before long we were on our way to a wedding in California.

We have gotten to know them well over the years and they have become some of our best friends.  We didn’t see them much when they first got married because they moved to Missouri so Jason could finnish school.  Now they live in Park City and we still don’t see them a lot but when we do it is always good to catch up.  Now they have a baby girl on the way.  Things change quickly and we look forward to meeting Moriah Byers.