I Remember…

September 11th, 2011 , alan

I remember that day, the memory is so clear that it seems like it was just yesterday.  I remember where I was, I remember the worry for the future of our country, I remember the fear…  I had just been married only a month before the attack, the full scope of the event didn’t resinate with me until I was home and Tiffany asked if they would start the draft and if they did would I have to go?  I wasn’t sure, the thought of it struck a new fear in me.  Not that I didn’t want to serve my country, because I would!  It was just so unexpected, after all I had just gotten married.

They didn’t draft anyone and I never joined the service.  Some days I regret that I didn’t, never the less I am so grateful for the men and women that did!  I’m sure that for some of them that the fear was even greater than what I felt at the time.  I know that some of them had just been married, or had children, and yet they were so willing to go and protect our country, our freedom, our lives as American citizens!  That day changed the lives of all of us but I still believe that we live in a great country, regardless of our economy, politics that no one can seem to agree on, or the annoying airport security, this is still the United States of America we are all blessed to live here!  Thank you, to all the solders and to all who protect here at home… God bless America!




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